Monday, January 2, 2017

Hi, I'm Corey

São Paulo skyline by the stinky Pinheiros River.
Hi, my name is Corey, I'm 30 something, Brazilian, living in São Paulo, the biggest and most important city in Brazil. Since 2012 I have a Brazilian blog about investments, early retirement, minimalism, simple life, entrepreneurship and many other subjects, if you read in Portuguese or is curious about how is the middle class life in Brazil, feel free to go there.

Blog do Corey (Portuguese version)

Since 2013 I’m trying to improve my English skills and this blog is part of this effort. I want to share my thoughts and at same time practice this language, so as a student, I will do many mistakes and sorry about that, feel free to correct me, I won’t get upset. I know that sometimes (or all the times, who knows…) I won’t sound natural but I hope you could understand me.

I have a bachelor degree but have never worked in my field, I’m an entrepreneur owning some stores (sorry, in order to keep my privacy I won’t say what kind of business I have), they are small retail businesses. I’m having success with my stores in the past 10 years despite the difficulties in my country to keep a profitable business (aka bureaucracy, heavy taxes, fees, violence, lack of good workforce and so on). Thanks to hard work, simple life and a wonderful wife now I can say that I’m financial independent (more about that in the future).

As I said, I have a wonderful wife that is more them my spouse, she is my partner, my family (along with my dog) and so on. We are living a very happy life together a decade by now. We are a childfree couple, meaning we choose don’t have children (no children by option), I know that it is a very sensitive subject but is important to understand that children are not to everyone.

Live in Brazil isn’t very easy, we have lots of problems like expensive cost of living, violence everywhere (google “violence in Brazil” and see our numbers, it’s like war zone), heavy taxes with no return at all (corruption everywhere, our politicians always want to grab all the chunk to them), our infrastructure is terrible (potholes everywhere, terrible public transportation, expensive gas, crowded roads and airports, few seaports despite our huge coast). Ok, we have breathtaking beaches and cities (I need to tell you about how crazy is to drive into the nearest beach in São Paulo), a friendly people (Oh boy! Brazilian friendship could have a dark side), a “free” healthcare (it's a joke!) and many other good things but life in Brazil is tough and after some trips to Europe and US my wife and I decided we want to move abroad. This is not simple and involves lots of things, so we are in the processes (again, more in the future).

So, I believe this is a good briefing about me, I hope you guys enjoy this blog despite my terrible writing. Again, feel free to correct my English, I also accept suggestions to posts, if you are curious about life in Brazil, please, let me know.

Learning Portuguese with Corey

Every post I'll give you some Portuguese tips or tell something about Brazilian life.

Today’s tip is: WE SPEAK PORTUGUESE, NOT SPANISH, some Brazilian folks get upset when "gringos" try to speak Spanish with them, but I don’t bother at all. Although we’ve suffered a Spanish invasion, we were colonized by Portuguese and this is the only language the majority of us speak. During the elementary, middle and high school we have English as mandatory discipline but unfortunately the majority of the teachers don’t even know what they are doing and hardly teach more than to be verb and some grammar. We don’t have any kind of dialect but many accents, our Portuguese is very, very different than European Portuguese (that one speak in Portugal and also in some African countries like Angola and São Tomé e Príncipe). Brazilian also know how to speak “portunhol” that is a hybrid between Portuguese and Spanish, is always funny try to speak with some of our neighbors from Argentina, Paraguay (the duty free zone, the paradise of consumerism) and Uruguay. Speaking portunhol we are always pretending to be understandable and the Spanish speaker guy always pretend to understand us, it’s really funny!


  1. Keep doing this blog, nice briefing! Anxious for more posts.

  2. Hey Corey.

    Your english is not so bad as you think it is. Keep continuing for the "gringos". I´m pretty sure they will like as much as us, your brazilian folks.

    Best regards.

    Robson, from your other blog.

  3. Hey man, what's up?

    Awesome! Keep doing your way!